Inspection and testing forms an important part of design and development of individual components or assemblies.

Our testing facility not only focuses on structural integrity but also on the compliance of parts with the relevant regulatory guidelines for a given racing series.

ADESS AG carries out both destructive and non-destructive testing of components, with the additional capability of undertaking full chassis load and impact tests. These exhaustive testing procedures are strictly monitored and analysed to optimize structural integrity, safety requirements and weight.

ADESS AG examines carbon components with ultrasonic and x-ray equipment, whereas Magnaflux inspection equipment is used to crack check welded parts. Only after each component has passed the respective stage of the testing procedure will a laser etch its unique batch number. This constitutes not only a mark of quality but also ensures full traceability of the part if required in the future.

Component Testing

  • Structural testing of parts or complete assemblies
  • Durability and fatigue test
  • Car dynamic behaviour, damping, 7-post rig testing
  • Quality control and parts inspection