• Pressure distribution on the Citroen DS3 WRC
  • Pressure field and streamlines over a Formula 1 car
  • Static pressure distribution and wake behind a Le Mans Prototype
  • ADESS In-house cluster

    ADESS AG’s CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) capability allows both conceptual studies prior to wind tunnel testing to be undertaken and an on-going complementary development programme in support of wind tunnel activities. Alternatively, aerodynamic studies exclusively through CFD can be carried out. CFD remains an important and increasingly accurate computer simulation tool for aero development of both racing and performance cars. The aerodynamics team at ADESS AG has a wide range of experience with CFD and has developed efficient practices to optimize both computational time and aero performance.

    • Appropriate CAD-CFD coupling
    • Accurate and reliable meshing techniques and solver set up to each particular problem
    • Advanced post-processing techniques (Star-CCM+/Ensight)
    • In-house cluster (400 CPUs) ensuring minimal calculation time and guaranteeing client confidentiality
    • High-performance workstation for meshing and post-processing (up to 126GB of RAM)