• High-speed train CFD simulation
  • Bobsleigh surface pressure plot and oil flow
  • NACA duct flow pattern
  • Transonic pressure field around an aerofoil

    Thanks to our advanced facilities and the vast experience of our engineering team, ADESS AG has the ability to produce results and solutions in a fast, cost-effective manner. The flexibility of the services offered and the ability to undertake either specific tasks or complete design and manufacture projects are an additional benefit we can offer to our customers, and can be used in a wide range of industries outside of motorsport.

    ADESS AG can provide a whole range of expertise across a broad spectrum of disciplines and can deliver turnkey packages in collaboration with external partners. The entire process is managed from initial feasibility studies, through concept designs, styling and modelling, full FEA and CFD analyses, scale model aerodynamic wind tunnel testing to prototype building and full batch manufacture. Every partnership and collaboration is an individually tailored programme according to each customer needs.

    Consultancy Services

    • Aerospace/Aeronautics consultancy (wing design/stress analysis)
    • Automotive industry (external aerodynamics and specific wheels aero studies/under hood aerodynamics)
    • High-speed railway system
    • Industrial machinery (turbo machinery/thermal coupling/multiphase CFD simulations)
    • Electro Mobility, environmentally friendly powertrain concepts
    • Lightweight vehicles and industrial application vehicles
    • Prototype construction – testing and application
    • Full race car design, development and manufacture
    • Custom-made performance enhancing programmes for existing race cars