ADESS is the chassis partner of the recently unveiled LMPH2G, for GreenGT. The car, presented by GreenGT and the ACO at the European Le Mans Series 4H of Spa-Francorchamps, ran demonstration laps and exhibited a refueling pit-stop, showcasing the car’s features. The LMPH2G has now become the center of the ACO’s Mission H24 campaign.

The LMPH2G project started even before the Pininfarina H2 Speed, presented earlier this year at the Geneva International Motor Show. Both projects were carried in tandem, in an intensive team effort to speed up the development of these prototypes.

The LMPH2G, based on the ADESS-03 LMP3 chassis, is a fully customized and redeveloped prototype built exclusively for the Hydrogen powered technology. It features a carbon fibre monocoque, a steel rollcage, and safety devices similar to the LMP3 car, but fully adapted to the specific requirements of this project, and with a unique bodywork design.

ADESS is therefore now positioned at the center of this new, sustainable chapter in motorsport.

The development will continue until 2024, when the ACO will open the possibility to use Hydrogen in their competitions.

“Our ambition is to continue to work on cutting-edge technology, and GreenGT’s advances in this area are constantly raising the performance of these powertrains. The full potential of the car hasn’t been shown yet and we are very confident the fans will enjoy watching it in action.” - says ADESS’ CEO, Stéphane Chosse.


For more information, you can contact ADESS by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via telephone, with the number +351 219737420.