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Machine Shop:
Utilizing the latest machinery, including 5-axis machines and fully integrated computerised systems, ADESS AG's manufacturing processes meet the high standards required in the competitive world of motorsport and high performance cars, also thanks to our very reliable chain of suppliers. 

Composite Shop:
Dedicated to the production of carbon fibre components, the composite shop comprises a clean room and 2 large autoclaves. 

Trim Shop:
Raw carbon components are trimmed and fitted ready for assembly.

Assembly Shops:
Trained staff ensures a high carbon component quality from start to finish. Screened-off work areas are designated to guarantee customer confidentiality at all times.

Manufacturing and Supply

  • Supply Chain Management – mechanical, hydraulic and composite components
  • Mechanical high precision machining – milling, turning and eroding
  • Welding technologies for high technology applications
  • Quality assurance in a climate controlled environment
  • Manufacturing of carbon fibre composite parts




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