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ADESS presents the ADESS-02 LMP2 Coupé

ADESS introduces its new LMP2 contender, the ADESS-02.

The ADESS-02 is a true cost-capped race car developed according to the 2014 FIA LMP regulations, ready to compete in all endurance series.

An intensive development program has been carried out by ADESS engineers and technicians and will ensure the competitiveness of the package. ADESS priority has been not only to maximise the car´s performance without compromising the drivability but also to provide its customers with an easy to service prototype.

In addition, ADESS offers a wide range of technical support tailored to the customer´s needs throughout the whole season.

“The ADESS-02 is another milestone in the history of the company and is the result of our experience in Formula 1 and endurance racing.” said Stephane Chosse, CEO of ADESS AG.

For more details about the car and a complete overview of its features, please check out the brochure on our website

ADESS-02 LMP2 Coupé

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